How to submit a video to Kayovid.com

It’s very easy to submit a video to us, just simple notify us through email. There are some rules you must abide to, don’t be afraid we hate rules as much as you do so they are mild but necessary!

When signing up your video, Kayovid automatically obtains the right to use and distribute your video material through several channels like website, and social media, in ordere to promote your KO to the world.

Steps to take for submitting a video

  1. Send an email with the video link to us (note we only accept videos that are featured on social platforms as, Youtube, Vimeo and others)
  2. State your name, age, country (anonymous submissions will not be processed)
  3. Your relation to the video (Your a fighter and want us to post your Video, Family, Fan or other)
  4. Information about the fight where the KO happend (If available)

Who can submit a video?

In general everyone can submit a video, it does not matter if you are a pro fighter, amateur or just a fan. Just make sure the video is free of rights!

Have a video you want to feature on Kayovid.com? myko@kayovid.com