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Why a knockout hall of fame?


Throughout the history of the martial arts and the professional bouts there a legends who had some great knockouts. Fighters like Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Peter Aerts, Ernesto Hoost and others who created legend of themselves being the kings of the ring!

Throughout the years a lot of martial artists created legends, not only by winning fights, but also by creating the best knockouts ever. The purpose of a Hall of Fame is to worship certain worthy people so that they will never be forgotten, and their fighting skills.

Present your candidates

Candidates for admission to the Kayovid Hall of Fame registry can be submitted by themselves for admission, or others. The application should be described in detail (including references) why you think that the person in question should be honored. After your request, we will provide a brief survey to find out if everything is based on truth. If this is the case, a positive decision can be made. Just send us an email at info@kayovid.com.

Where can you find our KO Hall Of Fame?

Well thats quite simple, just make your pick from the submenu under the KO Hall OF Fame, and choose your favorite fighter to see their KO’s.