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Guidelines And Rules

Respect the Kayovid community

We just do not ask you to abuse the site. Every cool new community feature on Kayovid is accompanied by a certain degree of trust. We trust that you are responsible. Millions of users respect this trust. We hope this also applies to you. Kayovid is meant exclusively for posting martial arts videos, in this case specified to knockouts, submissions and other nice to see video’s.

Do not cross the line!

Here are some logical rules that will help you stay out of trouble. Take these rules seriously and stick to it. Do not try to find backdoors or find a legal way to work around it. Just make sure you understand them and respect why they are set up.

Nudity or sexual content

Kayovid is not intended for pornography or sexually explicit footage. If this description fits your video, do not post it on YouTube, even if it’s a video of yourself. Also, think that we are working closely with police and justice and reporting child abuse.

Violent or explicit videos

It is not allowed to place violent or bloody videos that are primarily intended to be shocking, sensational or disrespectful. If you put news or documentary videos that contain shocking images, make sure you get enough information so people understand what’s happening in the video. Do not encourage others to express violence.

Hateful content

Our products provide a platform for free speech, but that does not mean we allow everything. We do not support content promoting or approving violence against people or groups based on racial or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality, veteran status or sexual orientation / gender identity, or whose main purpose is to promote hatred based Of these characteristics. The divisions may not always be as clear as here, but if the main goal is to attack a protected group, the content is really far too far.

Spam, misleading metadata and scams

Everyone hates spam. Do not mislead descriptions, labels, titles or thumbnails to make your videos more frequent. It is not allowed to post large amounts of unread, unwanted or repetitive content, including comments and private messages.

Harmful or dangerous videos

Do not place videos that encourage others (especially children) to do dangerous things that may hurt them. Videos with such harmful or dangerous activities may be age-restricted or removed depending on their severity. Kayovid will not place harmful videos that are intended to shock or contain violent scenes like streetfights, domestic violence or other sorts of violence. We only place sport related knockout videos.

Copyright an uploading

Respect the copyright. Only send us videos that are free of any rights or featured on channels that allow you to share their videos such as Youtube and other public video sites.


Things like aggressive behavior, stalking, threats, bullying, intimidation, privacy violations, disclosing personal information from others and encouraging others to act violently or violating terms of use are taken very seriously. Anyone caught in such practices can be permanently banned from Kayovid.