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Ernesto Hoost opens Kingdom Fight Gym in Cambodia

Opening Gym in Cambodia with a social character

At the end of March, the social company Kingdom Fight Gym will open its doors in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It is an initiative of Kwok-Leung Tsang and Mark van Dongen in which their shared passions come together. KFG will respond to the social economic problems in Cambodia and in the Netherlands to the social awareness of young people.

Social goals in Cambodia

After the regime of Poll Pot, Cambodia ended up in a deep valley and that is still felt to this day. Apart from the fact that there is a lot of poverty, there is a huge backlog in education. This is not surprising when you consider that an estimated 25 percent of the population died during the regime. Especially those who had received training did not survive the regime. KFG will therefore endeavor to give poor young people the opportunity to catch up on their educational disadvantage, thus increasing their self-reliance. In addition, free courses will be offered, aimed at assertiveness and self-defense for this group of vulnerable young people. Local projects are also supported socially economically. These are carried out in collaboration with local partners.

Activities in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the organization focuses on social awareness and the empowerment of young people. Tours are organized, where mutual respect, perseverance and personal growth are central. During these trips interaction will take place with peers from Cambodia. You can think of working together to carry out small-scale / social projects with the Cambodian youth at home. We are convinced that awareness is created by involving young people in local initiatives and allowing a range of experiences to take place within a different culture.

Support from the Martial Arts world

The concept has since been presented to Cor Hemmers, who was very enthusiastic about this. The idea of ​​extending the concept to the neighboring countries of Cambodia appealed to him. A few years back Cor was working with legend Ramon Dekkers to set up the Ramon Dekker Foundation with a similar goal in Thailand. This project has unfortunately not been able to come about due to the premature death of Ramon. At the moment Cor Hemmers is investigating in which form he can start to contribute to the concept.

Opening trip

“We have the honor that Ernesto Hoost, ambassador of Kingdom Fight Gym, will come over to Cambodia to conduct the opening with a 10-day training camp linked to it. We are very grateful that Ernesto does this on a voluntary basis, making this unique journey accessible, “says Mark van Dongen. After the opening trip, besides the regular gym activities, various trips will be organized, from social cultural (sports) tours to training camps for the martial arts enthusiast where there is the possibility for a professional competition which is broadcast on national television. There are also opportunities to take off on made trips for gyms.

A larger group of martial arts enthusiasts. Interested? Take a look at for more information or send an email to There are a limited number of places available, so be quick!

Start social activities

In order to be able to start as soon as possible with the social activities, it is important that current financing is repaid as quickly as possible. There are plans in the making to start a crowdfunding, but donations are of course also welcome. If you would like to support the concept and would like to make a donation, you can contact Mark van Dongen on telephone number + 31 (0) 6-44171725 or on

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