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Bizarre accident, MMA fighter ripped nutsack in half

TUF 27 (UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter) participant Bryce Mitchell shared on twitter pictures of a very bizarre accident that he apparently experienced. He indicated that he tore his scrotum in two. Read on if you dare …

Drilling machine
“So I was gunna train today  but I ripped my nutsack in half, i’m about to get stiched up,” says Mitchell on twitter. A shocking text and for many men at the thought alone a painful feeling. “I had a drill in my pants, and I held a board over my head. I was sizin up the board, n the drill went off n tangled my nuts up n it”.

The photo of his boxershorts showing a bloody spot proves that Mitchell is not making jokes. He gave the bizarre accident a happy touch by joking about it. Needless to say that he will be turned off for a while. There is a saying in English: “don’t get your nuts in a sling”. We are sure that Mitchell can confirm ….

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