Both in kick boxing and in the regular boxing, Rijker was for years unacceptable. She won all her competitions – 36 in kickboxing, of which 25 were knocked out and seventeen in boxing, of which fourteen were knocked out.

In her early childhood, Richer performed judo, softball and screens. At her fifteenth, she started kicking. At the Amsterdam Vos sports school, she was trained by her teacher or sensei Johan Vos and trained with Mousid Akhamrane, Ivan Hippolyte and Ernesto Hoost. She eventually won four different world titles. Then she shifted her focus to the regular boxing in which she won two world titles. The only kickboxing match she lost was a demonstration party against a man.

Her full box record was eventually 54-0-0 (54 won, 0 lost, 0 equal), with 39 fights won on knockout. Her boxing record was 17-0, with 14 fights won on knock-out. Her last fight was on May 20, 2004 against Deborah ‘Sunshine’ Fettkether. This fight won after 10 laps on points.