The parents of Gökhan Saki are migrants from Kars, Turkey. Gökhan Saki began at the age of ten with thaiboxing at Pasztjerik gym headed by Jan Pasztjerik. Since 2001 he has been training at Golden Glory Gym in Breda with Cor Hemmers.

At the K-1 Heavyweight (-100) tournament in Yokohama, Saki fought his first game against Tyrone Spong who, after the fall of Ruslan Karaev and Chalid Arrab, had to join the tournament. After three rounds, the jury decided to let them fight an extra round. In the fourth round, Saki Spong managed to hit a right-hand corner causing Spong to knock out.

Saki lost in the final of Keijiro Maeda who became K1 Heavyweight champion in 2009.

During the It’s Showtime Martial Arts Gala 2010, he beat Melvin Manhoef in the second round with a knockout. In 2010 he reached the semi-final of the K-1 World Grand Prix Final, in which he lost to the final champion Alistair Overeem. Besides that, Gökhan managed to pull out the match with his fierce combinations of bumps but went on knockout through a delivery run by Alistair Overeem. Gökhan did not lose by a delivery stage. He entered the ring with a broken right forearm raised in the previous fight, and Alistair knew that and was looking at Gökhan’s right arm on which he gave a staircase at any moment. This ended the fight. Recently he has been transferred to the MMA in the UFC.