Ernesto Frits Hoost (Heemskerk, July 11, 1965) is a Dutch martial artist who won four times the famous K-1 tournament in Japan. This record he has shared with Sem Schilt since 2009.

Hoost, before becoming a professional fighter, was a sports teacher for youngsters with an alternative punishment. His nickname is Mister Perfect, because he perfectly controls the techniques of his sport K-1 according to insiders. K-1 is a mix of kickboxing, kungfu, karate and muay thai boxing. In the Netherlands, Hoost is relatively unknown compared to his star status in Japan.

Hoost joined the so-called K1 World Grand Prix in Tokyo Dome, from the beginning (1993), where each year the K-1 fighter creme creme crushes under massive public interest in a waste race for the championship title. Hoost is together with Sem Schilt the record holder of K-1 titles of the world, winning the title four times. On December 2, 2006 Hoost took part in the K-1 for the last time. In the semifinals he met the Dutchman Sem Schilt. He lost the party to jury decision.

Over his career, Hoost reveals in 2011 that he is most disappointed with the appreciation he received in the Netherlands for his top performance. He would like to have a nomination on hold for “Sportman of the Year”. Hoost also finds it unfortunate that NOS Studio Sport only contacted him once in his entire career.