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About Kayovid.com

We just love knockouts!

As lovers of great knockouts we started Kayovid to share all the best knockouts around. There is no other site as Kayovid who offers knockout lovers a place to see all knockouts in one go!

Our team consists of people who have passion and affinity with martial arts and everything that comes with it. We like to feature all knockouts around from pro fighters, to you the amateur fighter who competes in local bouts.

The martial arts knockout authority

What started out as a hobby initiative, has now become the martial arts knockout authority on het internet, and off course mobile devices, you can watch on the go as well. During time we gained a lot of experience and have built up one of the largest knockout databases with top quality knockouts.

Join us in our quest for the best knockouts, send them and we publish them for you, become famous and gain glory.

Our team is ready for you.